Les Chevals vs Control


4:34 Greg (despite potential Toppling and Interference by teammates)

6:18 Shitty (assist Ace)

7:17 Ace (assist Shitty)

14:35 Greg

15:33 Ace


0:43 Greg – T-bone

1:15 Ace – Toppling? This foul happened during ‘advantage’ for Control. Control receive ball after stoppage

2:24 Forrest – T-bone

8:02 Ace – Toppling (video replay reveals that Ace’s handlebars get under Tristan’s bars. Handlebar length should be regulated, IMO)

9:36 Ace – Extension

11:43 Forrest – Interference

16:34 NO CALL – Shitty holds Greg’s mallet

17:44 Forrest – Toppling

One Response to Les Chevals vs Control

  1. uolmo says:

    For the first goal, it seems that shitty fall down by is own in my opinion.

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