Outlawz vs Call Me Daddy – Winners Bracket Final

A super exciting winners bracket final game, only slightly dampened by the 10 penalties called. Ten!

Ref: Will, Saskatoon


7:30 Lefty Will

8:38 Lefty Will

12:22 Dodi


3:54 Luca, steering arm

6:42 Luca, steering arm

9:56 Luca, charging

11:05 Piks, trapping

13:41 Piks, flagrance – 30 seconds

15:07 Lefty Will, toppling/t-bone

16:29 Piks, charging

18:57 Piks, interference

20:01 Lefty Will, t-bone

22:30 Luca, extension

5 Responses to Outlawz vs Call Me Daddy – Winners Bracket Final

  1. TonyMakarony says:

    at 13:45 Piks didn’t deserve this call…bad reffing…

    • Will says:

      §10.2 – Charging
      §10.2.1 – A player that is initiating contact has the responsibility to meet the opposing player
      ‘high and even’. Contact to a player’s lower back, kidney or ribs or contact that carries
      momentum through an opponent from behind will be assessed a Charging penalty.

  2. twobits says:

    Its obvious that the penalties are not working. We need a set of rules that minimize contact. No checks and no bitching. Its a shame to see these awesome players be such lil bitches. The World Champs are the worst at it. All three of them in the refs face after every call. its worse than watching soccer.

  3. MACHINE says:

    Minutes 3:42 , 4:24 , 6:19 ,14:32 , 14:34 , 14:37 , 18:01 , 19:03 , 21:56 , 22:22 and all the rest ……….AMAZING!!!

  4. universal says:

    Call me Dirty!!!

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