Control vs Beavers – Loser Bracket Final

The Control played strong all weekend, nearly besting the Beavers here, and finishing 4th in the world!


0:53 Dillman (assist, Kremin)

5:14 Forrest (assist, Shitty)

14:19 Dillman (assist, Halvorsen)

16:23 Shitty

19:37 Halvorsen


11:20 Beavers (Halvorsen? I’m not sure)

15:13 Halvorsen – Steering Arm

17:50 Ace – Steering Arm

18:28 Dillman – Extension

19:37 Shitty (called off when Beavers score)


One Response to Control vs Beavers – Loser Bracket Final

  1. stuckkk says:

    did yall know that these two teams play each other on team night?

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