A taste of what’s to come

This play was near the end of the Winners Bracket Final; the only game the Beavers lost on Sunday.

Watch all the games, here on mrdovideo.com, in the coming weeks. May as well just start hitting the refresh button now 😉

Thanks for your support and to those who helped in making this year’s livestream the best polo broadcast ever. Stay tuned for Worlds in August 2014, live from southern France.



4 Responses to A taste of what’s to come

  1. Machine says:

    MrDoVideo.com , Bikepolo.tv , Fixcraft and Podium ,
    Making it possible to kick back on a rainy day in winter and be thankful that Pete Abrahm was ok, after this amazing chain of events that will have us going WTF for years to come.
    I laughed and laughed and laughed.
    Cant wait to see what happens in the minutes before and after……….again and again.
    Thanks to all who made this possible
    Spectate ,Participate , Donate……..and LOL

    Machine “so this is how it ends”

  2. Machine says:

    …..also the check looks legal to me


    • Gonzbot says:

      Appears to be in the small of his back but I could see an argument both ways. Second “check” is legal as player is dabbed and active player has right of way. Pretty great acting, he should try out for Netherlands

  3. @_@ says:


    §10.2 – Charging
    §10.2.1 – A player that is initiating contact has the responsibility to meet the opposing player
    ‘high and even’. Contact to a player’s lower back, kidney or ribs or contact that carries
    momentum through an opponent from behind will be assessed a Charging penalty.
    § – If the referee determines that a player invites the contact outlined in §10.2.1 by
    altering their body position just prior to contact, no penalty will be assessed.

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