Portland United vs Beavers Winners Bracket Final

The first Sunday meeting between these two teams is as exciting as it gets. It’s the Winners Bracket Final, and it’s choked full of highlights as it goes the distance 5-4.

This game includes the most wild sequence of the tournament; it features a flagrant check-from-behind, a mowing-over of a downed player, and a clutch goal. The referee is mic’ed, so we hear all the discussion of the play. It begins at the 16:54 mark. Skip ahead to 20:56 to get back to the game and it’s 3 on 2 power-play finish.

Do & Machine on commentary, Landon behind camera.


1:49 Dillman

2:25 Crandall

4:19 Crandall

8:33 Halvorsen

10:41 Simpson

15:00 Crandall

15:37 Dillman

16:55 Arlyn (and The Play)

21:06 Abram


0:57 Portland United – Jamming

7:21 Halvorsen – Extension

13:24 Arlyn – Extension

One Response to Portland United vs Beavers Winners Bracket Final

  1. machine says:

    This is a comment from SFBikepolo’s one and only regular spectator, heckler and war veteran Tim. He texted me it right after the original hit but unfortunately i didnt see it til i got back to SF Here it is verbatum

    “Have u been injured in a bikepolo accident? Call the lawfirm of Dillman and Halvorsen”

    I laughed hard

    Machine “so this is how it ends”

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