First Final Game

Portland United vs Beavers in the first final match. Portland would claim the title with a victory, but the Beavers win to force a decisive second game.

Jenn Gallup producing, Landon Bouma behind the camera, Do and Machine on the commentary. Apologies for the World Cup-like goal calls, but I was excited!! A great game to set up an even greater finale.

At 13:55, check out the awesome mallet grab and dish by Crandall to Pete, on the far left side of the screen.


2:30 Crandall

4:31 Halvorsen

5:29 Crandall

6:54 Crandall

8:13 Halvorsen

9:43 Dillman

20:29 Dillman (own-goal Crandall)

21:24 Halvorsen


15:42 Halvorsen – Interference

17:28 Halvorsen – Toppling

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