2014 NAHBPC Final Game

This is the final game of the NAHBPC, between Portland United and the two-time defending champion Beavers. This intense second final goes the distance, ending in a 5-4 Beavers victory. One of the best tournament finals I’ve ever seen, and definitely the most exciting one I have ever announced. Congrats to both these teams, and good luck at the World Championships in France!

Mr Do and Machine on the commentary; Landon Bouma in the camera tower.


8:49 Dillman

10:16 Dillman

12:18 Abram

16:49 Arlyn

18:2 Halvorsen

19:08 Halvorsen

19:48 Crandall

21:31 Arlyn

24:07 Halvorsen


4:12 Dillman – Extension

11:13 Crandall – Illegal Contact

14:57 Arlyn – Toppling

19:08 Abram – Toppling waived on goal score

22:51 Dillman – Toppling


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