Turn Down For What?

Here is mrdovideo.com’s greatest hits collection, from 2013.

All clips are from NAH events, including the Midwest Regional Qualifier, Northside Regional Qualifier, North American Championships, and World Championships.

This video is not intended to call anyone out, other than hardcourt bike polo as a whole. Seriously; clean your shit up. The onus should be on us, the players (not the refs), to keep this sport from devolving into a bunch of meatheads driving forearms into each other’s kidneys in order to make a play.

Wait, what am I talking about?? Watching these clips is the most fun I’ve had all winter! Don’t ever stop; I love you how you are, polo.

Read this: http://www.nahardcourt.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/NAH_Ruleset_V4-2.pdf


music: DJ Snake & Lil Jon

4 Responses to Turn Down For What?

  1. Michelle says:

    Love the way the guy in the highlighter yellow break dances out up out of his fall.

  2. Machine says:

    Is it so wrong that I didn’t feel one cringe bar the filet of Crandall and that my jaw hurts from laughing so much.
    Pure dead fuckin brilliant Mr Do

    • JaredK says:

      You are one soulless machine, Machine. But since you bring the loving, lively, top teir spirt of heckling to the sport, it all zeros out. Thanks Machine.

  3. Ha!
    Great video Mr. DO.
    I count maybe 5 plays that are legal this year.
    (not that they were all legal last year either…)

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