Beavers Assassins

This is an amazing game; the Winners Bracket Quarterfinal between the Beavers and Assassins. Dillman and his team are confident heading into this game, but it’s a tougher test than they bargained for. It’s nearly 7 minutes before the Beavers even score. After they forge a 2-1 lead, the Assassins stage an offensive assault that eventually ties the game. However, fresh balls prove positive, as the Beavers swap the game ball for a cold, hard one and immediately score the go-ahead goal. They finish the game off by effectively controlling the ball for most of the remaining time. Some amazing defense keeps the Assassins hopes alive, but they can’t quite take down the eventual champs. A very entertaining match.


3:26 Koyo

7:08 Halvorsen

8:41 Dillman

12:27 Kruse

13:13 Halverson


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  1. Machine says:

    This truly was a fantastic game. Both teams totally deserving of podium. Mad respect for Kruze , Coyo and Lefty Joe for having such a good year individually and placing 3rd in The World 2014. Nice one ,Lefty Joe placing as one of the top 9 players in the world 2 years running, matched only by Call Me Daddy ‘s Lefty Will , Polo and Greg.
    Choose a Team and Scream………Lets go Beavers.

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