Means vs Journeymen

This game is a thriller. With the ref swallowing his whistle, and the Journeymen taking advantage, it is all the Means can do to force overtime.

And, as seen in the featured image for this post, the video doesn’t lie.


00:47 Dodi

7:02 Dodi

9:34 Dodi

11:42 Vaughan

14:50 Roberts

15:45 Vaughan

16:23 Eccles

17:32 Vaughan

20:57 Dodi


8 Responses to Means vs Journeymen

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  2. robbie ottawa says:

    thanks Mr.Do for bringing us so much good footage from all these exciting games.

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  4. Joe says:

    They scored on the shirt pull, so it would have cancelled the delayed penalty, no call needed. But there were definitely a few illegal checks on both teams.

  5. Mr PoloFAN says:

    Dear MR DO!!!

    Please upload us more Journeymen videos, cose we love watching the unique game style of Dodi!!!

    Thanks a lot!!!!!


  6. Jonathan Engelman says:

    The commentating really makes it world class. It is very enjoyable to watch compared to videos with no commentating.

  7. Machine says:

    A pint of snakebite for the first person to tell me how many times Dodi passes in this 22 minute game

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