2013 Worlds Final


That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of the 2013 version of The Beavers. Undefeated at the Midwest Regional Qualifier (4-0-1 swiss, 5-0 brackets), they also cruised through the North American Championship (10-0 swiss, 6-1 brackets), winning for the second straight year. The Beavers remained focused in Florida (7-0-2 Swiss, 6-0 Brackets) and won their 2nd World Championship in 4 years.

Call Me Daddy finishes an amazing run, as Greg Van Barben appears to have announced his retirement from polo. Three consecutive WHBPC finals, including 1 World Championship. In addition, 2 French and 2 European titles, Call Me Daddy has been a force to be reckoned with for a long time. I’m sure their new reincarnation will be similarly tough.

Here is the final game from this year’s WHBPC. Commentators are Machine and Chan. Apologies for the ups and downs in the audio levels; after busting our last set of headphones, we had nothing but ear buds to use, and the crowd was very loud!


2:16 Halvorsen

[6:21 Goal waved off]

8:00 Halvorsen

9:15 Halvorsen

16:09 Van Barben

20:35 Halvorsen

21:27 Kremin




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  2. Alex Kado says:

    12:40 machine: “it looks like he got crucified on the goal.” lol

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