Assassins vs Portland United

After Evan suffered a first-day injury, the Assassins inserted a Kruse missile into their arsenal. Along with Koyo and Joe, they sliced through opponents with lightning speed, amazing bike handling skill and strong, accurate shooting, finishing third in the world. Here they face a solid, veteran team in Portland United. This is their first meeting since North Americans, where Crandall left to receive 21 ‘zippers’ in his shin, after slicing it on Joe’s commuter cog. This time there are less dramatics, as Portland United has a tough second day beginning with this game. They rebound nicely however, to finish in a solid overall position (tied for 9th with 3 other teams).

Machine provides his unique brand of play-by-play commentary.


1:30 Kruse

2:51 Kruse/PU own goal

4:45 Crandall

6:46 Kruse

7:26 Arlyn

10:30 Koyo

11:48 Koyo

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