Mondial Break Up.Still004

Mondial vs Break Up – Top 16 Round

Goals 3:04 Emmet 4:56 Emmet 5:29 Josh 9:45 Adam 12:21 Hayden Penalties 6:11 Hayden – Extension 7:14 Jon – Steering Arm 11:28 Jon – Extension? 12:41 Hayden …

Guardians Sophie.Still001

Guardians vs Sophie

Goals 0:22 Dusty 2:35 Daniel (assist _) 5:31 Daniel 8:00 Dusty (assist Cody) 12:24 Dusty (assist Cody) 15:50 Dusty (assist Cody) Penalties 9:18 Sophie T-bone

Lasses Glory Hole.Still001

Last Minute Lasses vs Glory Hole

Bottom 40 matchup between a Montpelier team and an all female all-star team. Joust is at exactly 1 minute into video. Machine and Chandel on commentary! …


Bike Polo Photo Book, by Liv

Olivier Minh (Liv) from Toulouse, is the photographer that you’ve seen after each game, leaping on court to catch the emotion of the players up …

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Beavers CMD Final.Still002

Beavers vs Call Me Daddy – Final

Video begins with score 2-1, Beavers. Sorry :/ Goals Beavers CMD Beavers 4:14 Halvorsen 11:05 Luca 12:36 Polo 13:39 Will (assist Polo) 15:03 Polo Penalties …